From the moment Rod steps on stage he captivates the audience using the Extraordinarily Concept. Performing on stage since age five, Rod has quickly gained a reputation for fascinating and taking audiences on a journey inside the heart and personalities of people and organizations, exploring how to communicate and relate more effectively with your dress before ever saying a word.

In his keynote, Rod shows the audience–

Today, you have just 30 seconds to “catch” your audience. Audiences will either be immediately fascinated by the speaker—or lose interest entirely. Rod will instantly “catch” your audience and teach them to do the same. Here’s how.

Videos –

Rod fascinates over 2,500 mortgage professionals at Sales Mastery!

Rod shows you how to can speak with your dress without saying a word!

Dress language—How to relate through your dress!

Dressing from the inside out!

Do your employee’s dress communicate your company’s brand without ever saying a word?

Your clothing speaks long before you do!

Rod’s main speaking categories include–

  • You never know who you’re going to meet that could change your life forever
  • In the beginning you were born “Extraordinarily You!”
  • Does your employee’s dress, communicate your company’s mission statement and brand promise without ever saying a word?
  • Your confidence comes from knowing who you are
  • If you don’t know who you are, then you don’t know where you are going
  • Your clothing is the quickest way to “catch” your audience without saying a word
  • Your sweet spot = A silhouette and self portrait of your heart + personality
  • The four personalities—Optimist-Doer-Intellect-Giver
  • Your dress is a unique language
  • For change to occur in your dress and your life, it must come from the inside out
  • Your clothing speaks long before you do
  • You are not a fashion robot
  • Your clothes pave the way for you to deliver your individual message of authenticity
  • Business casual takes on a broad appearance because it has no limits or boundaries
  • You were made to be authentic, a reflection of what was originally deposited in you
  • People can be won over or run over by your dress
  • Mission impossible made possible!

Rod’s audiences most frequently include–

  • Businesses
  • Fashion Industry
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Media Groups


Endorsements: What Other’s Are Saying –

In life, you never know who you are going to meet and how they might change your life forever.  Before a formal event one evening, I had the need to tie my bowtie.  That was the night when I had the pleasure of meeting Rod Baker. For over twenty years now, he has been my go-to guy when it comes to my overall personal brand.  His DRESS concept might be simple, but it is actually broad and very powerful in what it accomplishes for each individual in all aspects of life, not just clothing.  Image and what it specifically communicates has always been important for me starting in my youth, through my business, and now onto the next generations of my family.  Rod has been a key part of that for me.   He has also provided me with the best of the best without the worry of what it is going to take, effort wise, to accomplish it.  Clothing can be a challenge but working with Rod has been such an ease.  Don’t just read this book, understand it and then take action on it.  Only then will you experience the life change that I have.  I endorse this book and Rod with my highest compliment.

Fletcher Jones, Jr.

President, Fletcher Jones Management Group

I have great pride in the endorsement of this “Extraordinarily You” concept.  It is something that I have practiced in my busy life for many years.  Not only has it helped me to discover who I really am as an individual masterpiece, but is also given me an extreme confidence and fearless approach in all my life’s endeavors. I encourage all readers to embrace and put into action the concepts that this book uncovers, so it can change your life like it did mine forever

J.B. Scott

Chairman, Alscott, Inc. / JA and Kathryn Albertson Foundation

Become the Masterpiece you were destined to be.  Extraordinarily You is a powerful read that will accelerate your confidence and bring your image to life.

Todd Duncan

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Time Traps: Proven Strategies for Swamped Salespeople

I coach C-level executives to be their best.  Rod is the clothes coach!  He works his craft in a way that helps me look my best.  Rod doesn’t start with what we wear.  He starts with you.  Our personalities, talents, and passions are inseparable from our outward presentation.  He doesn’t just make me the best clothes.  He makes the clothes that best represent me.  He has helped me integrate my outward attire into my overall philosophy of life.  Rod’s mission and message is simple, yet profound.  You ARE extraordinary.  This book is more than about what we wear.  It’s about the way we live. It’s not about surviving, it’s about thriving! It’s about getting ready for the best of your life!

Mick Ukleja, Ph.D.

Speaker, Coach & Author, Who Are You? What Do You Want?, Managing The Millennials

Rod’s story is both inspirational and remarkable, and a testament to how passion, hard work and strong faith combine to equal success. He recognizes that we are all created through God’s grace, and as such, reminds us that we are all extraordinary. Remember the children’s story of The Little Engine That Could? Rod reminds us, in perfect adult terms, that we can.

Julie Aigner Clark

Entrepreneur and founder, Baby Einstein, The Safe Side, The Soft Skin Company