Extraordinarily You has a keen passion for the family and provides a simple life style concept to assist both parents and their children in discovering who they are.  When you know who you are, you know where going.  This brings peace to a child’s life and harmony within the family.  Introducing the Extraordinarily You concept through what we coined “dress language” in the family is a fun and enjoyable experience for both parents and their children.  Having a “dress lesson” at a young age takes away all the frustration most people go through their whole lives when they awake to the universal question, “what in the world am I going to wear?”  Non-verbal communication through your dress, or dress language, is almost always overlooked as a powerful and successful way of communicating and relating with others.  Learning to relate through your dress at an early age is foundational to succeeding in every facet of your life.  After all, “the way you dress is the way you are addressed!”


Education is another passion of Extraordinarily You.  We have a quest to help youth find out who they are so they can make wise choices as they approach adulthood, like choosing a career.  According to Forbes, 70% of employees hate their jobs!  In most cases, this is because most of us never have a class or training in answering the common question of who am I?  Extraordinarily You is here to change that, and we are on a mission for every school in the United States and beyond to undergo the K-12 Extraordinarily You Masterpiece training.  Extraordinarily You is here to educate the youth of the world to answer the question, “who am I” once and for all with certainty and conviction.


Business is certainly at the heart of the Extraordinarily You concept.  Our purpose is to assist corporate America understand the critical importance of the dress message their employees communicate both internally and externally to the public at large.  This is an issue that has reached epidemic levels in all types of businesses across the world.  The fad of “casual Fridays” is where it all started, migrating like a cancer to “business casual”, and from there it’s all been downhill.  CEO’s have no issues implementing their vision for business, but when it comes to how their employees dress, there is little guidance so they have no clue what to do!  By utilizing the Extraordinarily You concept, we have been able to successfully address these dress issues, and bring a unified and consistent image to organizations.  Now businesses can once again get down to business, with employees impactfully representing and accurately reflecting the organization’s mission and vision through their dress.


Retail is where the Extraordinarily You concept was first test driven over 35 years ago in a small clothing boutique in Kansas called Calhoun’s.  Here, in a single night, all store sales records where broken by the unknown janitor named Rod Alan Baker.  Ever since that monumental event at Calhoun’s, it has been the passion and focus of Extraordinarily You to change the way retail is done.  Recently, Extraordinarily You went undercover for several months at a major brand retailer in the renowned South Coast Plaza.  Here we confirmed the sad and conclusive evidence that retail is a mess and in need of a major paradigm shift.  Get ready, because Extraordinarily You is here to mend the way of retail…


The Extraordinarily You concept is a very spiritual concept with its foundation built on powerful and lasting truths.  At our foundation is the truth that each of us is born a masterpiece and we should reflect that in every area of our lives.  After 35 years of helping people find out who they are, it has become quite clear that few of us know that we’re born and created as such.  Just ask around, or for that matter, did you know you were created a masterpiece?  When you understand that you and others are masterpieces, you start to act and treat others differently.  All of sudden you have a different perspective, and understanding that people should be treated with love and dignity.  Just think how the world would be different if everyone had this mindset.  It is time to stand up and join Extraordinarily You in making a difference!

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